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We Believe that our customers always deserve the Best, So we at Amaze Healthcare Management Services (HMS) have crafted the Best in Class Services while giving our Customer Needs and Demands the top priority. Our Revenue Cycle Solutions are developed efficiently by our highly trained employees using the best in class processes.

Partner with us TODAY and forget all about your Revenue Cycle Problems

Why Amaze

Our highly trained employees at AmazeHMS employ the Best in Class and Industry leading processes to ensure that our Customer’s Revenue Cycle Problems get the Best Solution while maintaining the highest levels of Quality. We deliver our Solutions with faster Turn Around Times while maintaining the highest levels of Accuracy.

We take the utmost care in solving your Revenue Cycle complications, so you can take care of your patients better and build a healthier and better tomorrow.

People Centric

Qualified Professionals
Our Professionals are highly qualified certified coders with a lot of process expertise and experience.

Scalable resource pool to manage seasonal spikes to meet your ever growing demands.

Process Centric

Process Excellence
Our unique FlowMaze© Workflow Manager lets you manage your documents efficiently and exercise controls to ensure completion of each step.

Faster TurnAround Time
Our Customized workflows and Reporting mechanisms ensure that you have a very faster turnaround time.

Customer Centric

Customer Commitment
We are committed to our Customer growth. We strictly believe that 'When Customer succeeds, Amaze succeeds'.

Customer benefits
Our clients enjoy significant cost savings to about 40% through our global delivery methodology

Quality & Security-Centric

Leverage Quality
We Follow "DRIFT" - Do It Right First Time Approach to ensure a very high level of Quality.

Safe & Secure
We rigorously adhere to HIPAA guidelines and ensure that the patient's data is secure and confidential.


Performing billing operations in any revenue cycle management process requires you to efficiently manage the various documents that are used to complete each process step. From Patient Demographic information that denotes the start of the billing process to the capture of payments from Insurances or Patients that represents the end of the Revenue Cycle Management process, you need to manage your documents efficiently and exercise controls to ensure completion of each step. FlowMaze Workflow Manager helps you do just that and more!

  • Effective Document Management using electronic TIFF
  • Effective inventory Management of all documents
  • State-of-the-art of Workflow Manager
  • Lightning fast status update of all workflow processes
  • Optimal Management of production resources
  • Easy-to-use pre-defined and customized reports for Top Management and Production Teams

Security at AmazeHMS

Security is an ultimate priority at AmazeHMS, that is why we secure all patient data with the highest form of security possible. Our servers are protected by secure firewalls, so as to provide greater security than typical office server.

We have established a strict go-green policy by maintaining a paper-free environment. All the file transfers are done through secure FTP, we also have the technology to work through VPN if our clients prefer that. Additionally, electronic devices such as Compact Disk Drives, pen drives or removable disks are not allowed inside the facility.